Are you a retailer ? Add your prices to Shoptimate !

If you have an existing affiliate program on an existing platform, we can integrate it. You can also send us a datafeed in our generic format described below. We'll charge you on a CPC basis. Your datafeed should be a UTF-8 CSV file with header separated with commas and quoted. The file should be compressed (gzip). Make sure it contains the following information:

CSV file format

Field Description Sample values
url the URL of your product
title the name of the product Apple Macbook Pro
description the description of the product Apple Macbook Pro with Retina display. 8Gb of RAM, 128Gb of SSD, 13,3" full HD display (...)
brand the brand of the product Apple
model the model of the product MGX72LL/A
price the price of the item with a dot for decimal separation 1499.99
currency the currency of the price. USD, EUR, JPY, ...
delivery_cost the delivery cost for a standard postal delivery 14.99
availability the number of days before the product is available and can be shipped (0 if in stock, 7 if in stock within week,...) 0
delivery_time the number of days for delivery 3
cover the image of the product
sku the internal id of your product 984532
gtin either a UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN code 0888462018807

Sample file

Please find a sample file. It can be opened with Microsoft Excel.

Send us your sample file

Once you have built the extract of your database in the expected format, send a sample file to and we'll test it.